10 Perimeter Security Features to Consider: Part Two

access control security feature

Access control that requires keycodes is one of many security features that facilities should implement.

In our previous post, we discussed the various important features of perimeter security. From locks and fencing to lighting and security gates, every aspect of your facility’s perimeter security design is essential to maintaining a safe facility. In addition to the five features from the previous post, there are five more we would like to highlight the importance of today. Read on to learn about the extensive perimeter security features to consider while planning your facility’s safety. 

Alerts and Notification Security Features

You must have a system that alerts you immediately to breaches or attempted breaches to your perimeter security. Acquiring security features that notify the authorities when triggered is especially helpful, but only if their response times are fast. 

Documentation Features 

In this era of security, every facility is likely to have security cameras. Cameras alone are not enough to deter thieves, but they are useful for recording footage that could later be used as evidence. 

Before you set up your security features, be aware of what you are legally allowed to do with your footage. Understand the best locations to place your cameras, and consider the potential for daytime glare and low nighttime visibility. 

Natural Barriers as Security Features

Sometimes natural barriers do their part to prevent security breaches. For instance, if you are located near a police station, or have a very long driveway or road, these can deter break-ins. 

However, there are also natural barriers which can negatively impact your security features. A heavy line of trees may offer criminals cover, and heavy foot traffic may set off motion sensors constantly, rendering real alarms unnoticeable. Understand what positive and negative natural barriers you may have and work to optimize or minimize each. 


Practical security features often negatively impact the aesthetics of your property. It can be tempting to choose something more visually attractive, but which sacrifices security capabilities. Consider before installing a security feature, whether you have selected it for its appearance, or its functionality. Additionally, when you install a new aesthetic feature, make sure it does not negatively impact your security goals and pre-installed security features. 

Access Control

Controlling and limiting who has access to your facility is an essential aspect of perimeter security. You can control access through methods, including numeric keycodes, RFID remotes, physical keys, and more. Before selecting who is given access to your facility, you must vet them to see if they pose any danger to your property and if they can be trusted to protect their keys or passcodes. 

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