10 Perimeter Security Features to Consider: Part One

perimeter security feature security gate

A security gate is one perimeter security feature that can provide a secure facility.

Perimeter security refers to all security that prevents entry into a building or property. Appropriate perimeter security is essential for high-security facilities and buildings, but in this modern age, there are countless ways for people to get around perimeter security. That is why planning your facility’s security system requires careful consideration of various perimeter security features. Read below for five perimeter security essentials, and visit us at the end of the week for five more necessary features to consider in your security plan. 


The biggest concern for your perimeter security locks are destructive entry, where locks are broken during forced entry. The solution to this threat can be using locks made of hardened metal alloys that are as thick as possible. 

You must also consider the chain secured by the padlock; if this is weaker than the lock, they can be cut, and the strength of the lock will not matter. 


The higher the walls, the less visible your facility interior will be from outside the perimeter. However, this means that the area beyond the perimeter will also be less visible to those inside the facility. High walls allow privacy and a great obstacle to entry but can provide cover for people approaching the property. Visibility concerns with this perimeter security feature can be mended with security cameras or security guards.


Fencing offers you extreme flexibility in your perimeter security. You can have larger or small slats, anti-climb materials, or an electric fence, among others. A fence will likely be weaker than a wall, but if you are not concerned with crash prevention, that may be okay. 

Additionally, if you do not maintain your fencing, weak spots can develop that can let in or out humans or animals. However, fences without additional perimeter security features often only function as a suggestion of protection. 


A gate is the chance to install a perimeter security feature that moves. The gate will require a locking system, and if you are planning on taking vehicles through the gate, using an electronic lock may be best. For gates that only experience foot traffic, a padlock may be all you need. 


Lighting can often be neglected when considering essential perimeter security features. To decide where to put lighting, consider shadows. Lights may cast shadows on trees, pillars, and other tall obstructions, so find the areas you need to cover. If you do not have a security guard, motion sensor lights are a great way to call attention to any potential security breach. However, make sure that the motion sensors will light up areas that are visible to you from inside the property. 

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