How to Maintain Your Facility’s Security During Winter

A security fence covered in snow during winter

Follow these guidelines to maintain your facility’s security during winter.

Thorough security measures are necessary for any facility year-round. However, many people may not consider that different seasons require slightly different approaches to a facility’s high-security plan. As we move further into the cold, winter months, it is essential that you review your facility’s security features and how they function. Read our guide below for tips on how to maintain high security during winter. 

Assess Your Facility’s Security Lighting

Lighting is an essential component of your facility’s security during winter. As the days get shorter, there can be nearly 15 hours of darkness in 24 hours. Your CCTV system requires sufficient lighting to capture video, and extensive darkness gives intruders plenty of room to hide. Check all of your lighting installations to ensure they are in working order this winter. You may also consider infrared lighting, which is naked to the human eye but can be picked up by security cameras. This means that intruders are in darkness, but your security system can see all. 

Have “All-Weather” Cameras

Winter weather is unpredictable, especially in the Maryland area, which Hercules High-Security Fence services. Facilities may be hit with thick snow, ice, flurries, or rain within a few months. It is crucial to ensure that your cameras maintain their function and do not compromise your security during winter weather. 

Set Your Clocks Back

When we set our clocks back, make sure that every clock in your facility has been adjusted. This often happens automatically, but double-checking your important facility security features wouldn’t hurt. You need the timestamps on CCTV footage to be accurate if you ever need to use it for legal purposes. 

Check Your Perimeter Security During Winter

You may be surprised by what can hide underneath fall foliage! The leaves and detritus left behind from summer and fall may obscure broken or rusted fencing, or objects that could facilitate breaking and entering. Before winter gets underway, it is wise to assess your perimeters for any potential weak spots. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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