The 5 Best Security Benefits of Turnstile Gates

subway turnstile gates

Turnstile gates offer increased security benefits when compared to traditional security personnel.

No matter the size of your business or facility, you will need a robust security system to protect your assets and your staff. While you necessarily protect your business’s computer system, you must equally shield all entrance and exit points from unapproved entrances. Hiring security personnel for every door may not be financially or practically feasible for your facility, but there is an efficient and economical alternative. Turnstile gates offer reliable access control, ease of use, and flexibility that make them an excellent choice for facility security. Read on to learn more about the security benefits that turnstile gates can offer your business. 

Turnstile Gates Enhance Security 

The most important reason to install turnstile gates at your facility is that they offer enhanced security compared to manually operated entrances. You are only allowed access if you present the correct credentials, and only one authorized person is permitted to enter or exit at one time. This prevents “tailgating,” a common security issue in which an unauthorized person gains access to a property by following close behind authorized personnel. 

Superior Access Control

Turnstile gates can be integrated into different security systems, including cameras, motion detectors, biometrics, proximity cards, and key cards. These integrated turnstiles offer superior access control when compared to hired security personnel who would otherwise be responsible for checking credentials and monitoring arrival and departure times. 

Compiling Analytics

You can also use these gates to monitor when and how many people enter a particular facility, when your traffic peaks, and any seasonal changes in daily traffic, among many other things. These analytics can help you make decisions for your facility or business regarding security or maintenance issues. 

Flexible Operations

You can usually control nearly every aspect of advanced turnstile gates through a remote access system. You can also change access modes, depending on the needs of your business, and either open up the access to everyone or put it on lockdown and prohibit all entry. This can be useful when your facility is closed, and you want extra security. 

Lower Cost

Turnstile gates may require higher upfront costs for installation, but they can help you save on security costs in the long run. The autonomous nature of the systems can help you cut back on on-site security personnel, and the enhanced security can reduce potential damages or financial loss from theft or break-ins. Their mere presence in your facility may even decrease your insurance premium. 

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