Fall Maintenance for Your Security Fence

Hercules Fence High Security Fall Maintenance
Fall is an important time do some maintenance on your security fence to keep upright and secure during the harsh winter months.

Fall is upon us, and that means we’re going to start experiencing weather that is wet and cold, which is not really a good thing when it comes to your security fence. Security fences are made of metals such as iron, steel, and aluminum, and metal has a tendency to rust and degrade when it gets moist. This means fall and winter, and spring are some of the hardest seasons on your security fence, and it’s important to perform fall maintenance before the weather takes a turn for the worse and takes advantage of any vulnerabilities your fence may have.

Powder Coating Damage

Nearly all metal fences currently available are powder coated, which is critical for protecting the metal underneath. Powder coating creates a solid layer around the metal in many colors and finishes. It keeps the metal from getting wet, rusting, or degrading, even when exposed to inclement weather and extreme temperatures. During fall maintenance, you should inspect the powder coating around your fence to ensure there aren’t any exposed areas that need to be repaired. If the powder coat is damaged, the metal underneath will be susceptible to rust, degradation, and serious damage that compromises the entire fence.

Fence Line Buildup

Clear out any buildup around your fence line. Leaf litter, plants, and plant matter are all a threat to the health of your fence and should be cleared out regularly. Also, if plants are growing along your fence line, there’s a possibility they could begin to hamper your visibility, which is an important aspect of any security fence. Being able to see past the fence line is critical to your security fence’s effectiveness, so it’s always a good practice to immediately remove anything blocking your view.

Give it a Wash

Winter will bring with it a lot of snowfall, dirt, and abuse. Giving your fence a good clean will help you spot damage and degradation while also clearing your fence of buildup and filth before the brutal winter sets in. This will also help to protect your fence from excess buildup that could weigh it down and damage its powder coat or metal. A diluted soap or detergent works well for cleaning metal fences, and you can rinse with a hose nozzle or a power washer on low pressure.

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