Vehicle Barrier Systems

Hercules Fence High Security Vehicle Barrier Systems
There are several different kinds of vehicle barrier systems and products that stop, slow, and direct traffic.

There are many different types of vehicle barrier systems, all of which have their own particular uses. Which vehicle barrier systems are best for an area or property depends on many different factors, such as location, layout, traffic density, area vulnerability, and how secure the area or property needs to be. Keeping an area secure can be a lot easier with the right vehicle barrier systems in place that can help to stop, slow, or direct the flow of traffic in order to maintain safety and security for everyone.

Wedge Barriers

Wedge barriers are typically installed at entrances and exits of various properties, such as military bases and large sports stadiums. These are found at entrances and exits of the property or parking area, and they lie flat when not in use. Once activated, they rise out of the ground and form a wedge shape, hence their name. They are used to stop traffic entirely, or greatly reduce the flow of traffic onto or off of the property. They tend to be reserved for industries and properties that need maximum security.

Beam Barriers

Beam barriers are commonly seen at toll gates, parking garages, and railroad crossings. These aren’t especially sturdy, so they aren’t the optimal choice if you need strong security. However, they work well for providing a visual barrier that indicates the need for traffic to stop and either wait for the beam to rise or perform an action to pass through (such as taking a ticket or paying a fee).

Portable Barriers

Portable barriers consist of things you see every day—namely, traffic cones and barrels. These small, unassuming vehicle barriers provide a necessary visual barrier around road construction sites or are commonly used as a means to redirect traffic during large events. These won’t stop any speeding cars, but they do a good job of directing the flow of traffic and ensuring that drivers don’t end up in unauthorized or unsafe areas.


Bollards are often used to keep traffic out of pedestrian areas, and they’re one of the more underrated vehicle barrier systems on the market. Bollards come in different shapes and sizes, some are crash-rated, and they can either be stationary or retractable. Any pedestrian areas that aren’t fully separated from traffic areas should be protected by bollards that can direct traffic and stop it from entering areas where people are walking.

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