What are the Benefits of Crash-Rated Barriers?

Hercules Fence High Security Benefits of Crash-Rated Barriers
There are many benefits of crash-rated barriers, and the various types offer their own specific pros and cons that should also be considered.

Do you want to protect your facilities from unauthorized vehicles? If so, vehicle barriers are essential to your facility’s safety and security system. Vehicle barriers significantly prevent crashes while protecting employees, visitors, and buildings from security threats. However, how do you decide which protective element is best for your facility? Will it be worth the investment? We’ll look at what crash-rated barriers are and their benefits. 

Vehicle Barriers Defined

Vehicle barriers keep your site, surrounding area, and your project or assets safe and secure. These protective measures stop unauthorized vehicles from crashing or entering the site without permission. These barriers can be passive or active, with passive barriers having no moving parts (e.g., a fence or static bollard). These structures absorb a vehicle’s energy and redistribute it to its foundation. 

On the other hand, active barriers, such as drop-arm, wedge, or active bollard, have moving elements that function remotely, manually, or automatically. These structures regulate who can enter your site and stop any vehicles you don’t permit onto your property. 

The Benefits of Crash-Rated Barriers 

Stationed vehicle barriers on your property reduce the amount of traffic and speeding. Additionally, crash-rated barriers keep pedestrians or road workers safer. Also, vehicle barriers create a security checkpoint by requiring credentials for entry into the facility. Many companies and government facilities use these structures for security, traffic control, and safety. 

Examples of Different Types of Crash-Rated Barriers

The following are crash-rated barriers that you could add to your facility: 

  • Bollards: A bollard is a less intrusive, aesthetic solution that protects vehicles without stopping the flow of pedestrian traffic. Typically, bollards are permanent concrete or steel installations perfect for long-term durability. Bollards can be passive or active. 
  • Crash Gates: A crash gate is a horizontal active vehicle barrier, sliding open for vehicles once you authorize their entry. Crash gates can cover a large entrance area without requiring roadway modification. Crash gates are best used on high-security sites because they can handle a 15,000 lb vehicle attack. 
  • Drop-Arm: A drop-arm barrier works best when a site has limits that will not allow obstructions to the exit roadway. A drop arm’s foundation sits outside the roadway and can operate using hydraulics, manual operation, or electromechanical. 
  • Wedge: Wedge barriers lie flesh with the ground until there needs to be a barricade. The wedge rises and locks into position to stop a 15,000 lb vehicle from entering the site. Wedge barriers are excellent for government, military, embassies, and other critical, high-security facilities. It utilizes a shallow mount framework, and you can control them with hydraulic and electric drive systems. 
  • Gate Operators: Gate operators are not necessarily a barrier but are essential for sliding gates. Gate operators integrate into the facility’s access control system, or you can control them locally with a control panel or wireless device. Commercial and industrial sites benefit from gate operators because they can handle high-density traffic. 

These are only five of the many crash-rated barriers you have at your disposal. Contact us today if you want to learn more about how to protect your building with high-security fencing and accessories. 

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