Bollard Materials: Pros & Cons

Hercules Fence High Security Bollard Materials
There are several different bollard materials to choose from, each having their own pros and cons that help determine which material is best for your property.

One of the most useful ways to help the flow of traffic, both foot and road, is to install bollards. While using bollards is an easy choice, choosing the right bollard materials isn’t always as easy. Depending on what you’re using your bollards for and whether safety or security are factors in your decision, it may dictate a limited set of materials that you can use for your bollards. 

Good news though! We have the rundown on every bollard material out there and what the pros and cons of each are.


While aluminum is a kind of metal, it’s also not the most durable out there. That’s why aluminum is usually only used for removable bollards that are meant for decorative or foot traffic purposes. They’re lightweight and easily castable, making them easy to install, and are also resistant to corrosion. Aluminum is the best choice if you’re trying to control foot traffic near salty water.


If you’re looking for something more durable that also feels modern, stainless steel could be a good option. It’s a clean look that would fit in with any modern commercial building. If you want specific branding for your bollard, you could also use powder coatings and help create a more cohesive brand image.

Commercial Steel

When looking for impact resistance, one should consider using commercial grade structural steel. These steel pipe bollards are great for any use near roads since they’re just so durable. If you’re concerned about corrosion, they can either be painted or covered in protective sleeves.


Concrete bollards may be one of the most common kinds you will see out there. They’re durable, secure, easy to paint, and provide a clean finish. If you’re looking for bollards in a high-security scenario, you might want to look elsewhere though—enough impact could cause the concrete to essentially explode and send out concrete shrapnel. 


This includes polyurethane and polyethylene, both of which are lightweight and surprisingly durable. You don’t have to worry about chips, fading, or damage from vehicles as they won’t dent even if they get run over. They might not totally prevent a vehicle from accessing an area, but they will help slow them down and are a great option for safety due to their affordability.

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