How To Choose The Right Security Fence For Your Property

How To Choose The Right Security Fence For Your Property

Use these tips to help you select the right security fence for your property!

Most homeowners have some sort of perimeter fencing on their property. However, this fencing is often just decorative, or it is only tall enough for containing small kids, enclosing animals like dogs, or keeping deer out. It is usually not security fencing. More and more often, however, people are opting for security fencing to keep their homes and families safe. They want fencing tall and sturdy enough to keep out intruders. Not all fencing is created equal, and not all “safety fencing” is actually security fencing. Here are four things to look for in your security fence so that you get the right fencing for your needs.

Hard To Climb

Clearly, to provide security, your fence needs to be tall, but height isn’t the only factor in making it hard to climb. Most security fencing has something along the top, which makes it hard to climb over the top if someone could get up there. Often this is barbed or razor wire, but that’s not particularly aesthetically pleasing. A more common option for residential use is spike along the top. Additionally, you should make sure that any horizontal bars – there will need to be some for stability – are not at knee or waist height, as they make it easier to climb. Many people assume that chainlink is the best security option, but this is actually pretty easy to climb, so consider something else.

No Alternate Routes

Once you’ve prevented people from going over, shift your attention to under and around. Clearly, any fence that has openings or holes will not provide security, so your security fencing should provide a complete perimeter. Your gates should be the same durable material and size as the rest of the fence. Choose a material that is hard to cut for maximum security. Finally, sink the fencing in the ground and use cement footers to prevent people (or animals) from digging under.

No Hiding Spaces

While fences that completely obscure your house from view offer the best privacy, they are not always the best bet for security. If you can’t see through your fence, someone could be on the other side, figuring out how to get through it, and you’d never know. If you do opt for a privacy fence, try to position lights so that there are no shadowed areas around it for someone to hide in.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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