How to Increase the Security of Chain Link Fencing

increase the security of your chain link fence

You can increase the security of your chain link fencing by using thick fence material.

Chain link fencing is one of the most common types of fencing for properties that require increased security. While chain link fencing is cost-effective, durable, and quick to install and maintain, there are a few actions you can take to optimize the security of this fence style. Chain link fencing can be customized in the following several ways to guarantee that your property benefits from reliable security fencing

Select the Gauge

Chain link fencing can come in a variety of gauges or wire diameters. The lower the number, the thicker the wire will be. For example, a six gauge chain link is thicker than a nine-gauge link, with a number as high as 11 only suitable for light residential applications. 

Choose the Right Selvage

Chain link fence wires are woven with various selvages. You can increase the security of chain link fencing by using selvages that are knuckle-barb or barb-barb. These selvages are twisted vertically, creating a “barb” that protrudes an inch above the top of the fence fabric. This adds a bit of extra security along the top and bottom rails.

Consider a Bottom Rail

Sometimes people will try to breach your fence by going under them. By adding a bottom rail to your fence, you can create a rigid edge that is much harder to manipulate. 

Or, Consider Buried Mesh

If you can’t install a bottom rail, you may consider burying a foot or so of mesh in the ground. This underground barrier can increase the security of your chain link fence and keep burrowing animals out as well. However, you should know whether you want this installed before your fence is put in place. 

Benefit from a Secure Structure

The pipe or tubing that makes up your security fence can make all the difference. While residential and light commercial chain link fences are made from lightweight tubing with thin walls, security fences are built with a much heavier pipe. This doesn’t dramatically change the appearance of your fence but provides surprisingly tough security. 

Install Closer Posts

If you are concerned that intruders may cut your fence and drive through the opening, you may consider spacing fence posts closer together. Posts spaced seven or eight feet apart, rather than ten feet, can increase the security of your chain link fencing. 

Add Barbed Wire and Razor Coils

Barbed wire or coiled razor wire can be added to the top of many security chain link fences for ultimate protection. This will prevent intruders from even trying to climb your fence. 

Use a Different Fence Aperture

You can increase the security of your fence by choosing a smaller aperture. A smaller mesh aperture or opening makes it much harder for anyone to cut or climb the fence. 

By adding or adjusting one or more of these features, you can increase the security of your chain link fencing and create a reliable security perimeter

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