How Security Fencing Can Protect School Perimeters

protect school perimeters with security fencing

Security fencing is essential for protecting school perimeters.

Schools are facilities that require safety. The high number of students and staff members inside the building at any time need to be protected from any unpredictable outside visitors or events. While a comprehensive school security plan includes more than security fencing, placing a reliable security fence around the school perimeter and school playgrounds can help to deter intrusion and vandalism on school grounds. Read on to learn how fences can safeguard schools, and how each variety of security fence can protect school perimeters. 

How a Security Fence Can Protect School Perimeters

The primary threats to schools that security fencing can prevent are the “Three Vs:” vagrants, vandals, and villains. 


This includes any intruder who walks through school grounds without meaning harm. This can consist of neighborhood residents, or stray dogs and wild animals. These trespassers may not mean harm but could interfere with school tasks nonetheless, or potentially pose a risk in the case of animals. The ability of unauthorized visitors to trespass also indicates a more significant security issue. 


Security fencing can protect school perimeters by forbidding the entry of anyone who intends to vandalize the school. Whether someone is trying to break in after-hours to steal items or to graffiti the walls, vandals can interfere with school activities and cost the school money. 


Anyone with ill intent should not be able to access school grounds, and security fencing is one layer of security that will prevent their entry. You want to protect your students from anyone who intends to do them or their staff harm.

How Each Security Fence Style Can Protect School Perimeters

No matter which style of fence you install around your school perimeter, it should be sufficiently high enough so people can’t jump over it, and it should be difficult to climb

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is one of the more affordable options, so it may be best if you are trying to surround an area that only needs minimum security. However, if your school is especially at risk for intrusion, it may not be the best choice as the design of the fence can facilitate climbing. 

Wooden Privacy Fencing

These fences are high enough and not very easy to climb. Unfortunately, wood fences can rot over time unless regularly maintained. 

Steel Panel Fencing

The closely-spaced pickets make climbing these fences difficult, and they offer just enough visibility so school staff can spot any suspicious persons near the fence or any children who might have gotten outside the perimeter. Steel fences are a bit more expensive, but they require less maintenance and can save you money in the long run. 

Selecting the right security fence for your school perimeter can help establish a reliable security plan that protects the students and staff.

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