Why Construction Sites Require Temporary Chain-Link Fencing

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Construction sites are required to have temporary chain-link fencing for a myriad of reasons.

Construction sites are a ubiquitous sight in any municipal area. Progress marches ever forward in the form of new roads, shopping centers, high-rises, and homes. And every single construction site that you see is going to be surrounded by fencing. Why is that? For starters, codes and laws require temporary fencing around construction sites, but it is required for a variety of reasons. Let’s explore the many benefits of temporary fencing for construction sites to better understand why it is required by law.


One of the biggest benefits of a fence around your construction site is increased security. It doesn’t matter if the site is in a “good” or “not good” part of town. Construction sites tend to have a lot of high-value equipment and tools, making them a prime target for thieves. In most cases, if you can make it difficult, time-consuming, or generally inconvenient to get to your valuable items (with a no-climb fence, for instance), you will discourage most would-be thieves.  


Construction areas can be very dangerous, especially for people who do not belong there. A solid security fence will maintain your perimeter and control access. Keeping people away from the most dangerous areas and making sure you know who is accessing your site and when is the best way to keep people safe. 


A solid fence is also a good, neighborly thing to do. While the fence won’t block the sounds of construction going on, it can help contain and control the mess or at least hide a lot of it from view. If you’re concerned about maintaining the privacy of your work site, make sure it is an opaque fence. This will also help keep neighbors happy since they won’t have to look at all of the construction activity all the time.


Finally, having a chainlink fence installed around your construction site is financially smart. Most insurance companies like to see you being proactive to protect your investments and to protect the people around you. Most insurance companies will likely require fencing in order to consider that you are honoring your part of the agreement, but those that don’t require the fencing might offer a discount on your policy for having it.

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